FEMALE Tries: The New Nike Air Max 720, The Ultimate Lifestyle Sneaker And Fashion Statement

With its futuristic design, chunky heels and dynamic colourways inspired by nature, the new Nike Air Max 720 is certainly causing quite a buzz among Nike fans and sneakerheads. After a slew of teasers, Nike finally unleashed the Air Max 720 as the successor to the wildly popular Air Max 270. The first “Northern Lights” AM720 was officially released on 1 February 2019, followed by more colourways dropped on 21 and 28 February 2019 respectively.

Nike Air Max 720 "Northern Lights Night"

Nike Air Max 720 "Northern Lights Day"

Nike Air Max 720 "Sunset"

Nike Air Max 720 "Sunrise"

Nike Air Max 720 "Sea Forest

Nike Air Max 720 "Desert"

Nike Air Max 720 "Pink Sea"

Nike Air Max 720 "Total Eclipse"

Thanks to Nike, I had the opportunity to review the “Total Eclipse” Air Max 720! Being a sneakerhead myself, I was ready to find out how they flair in a series of comfort tests.

Noted as the latest achievement of Nike’s Air Manufacturing Innovation team, the Air Max 720 sports the tallest heel unit in Air history, giving it the biggest heel volume displacement. Nike’s previous flagship Air Max 270 packs a 32mm air pillow sole, and with 38mm of air unit lifting the Air Max 720, it maximizes the shoe’s bounce and comfort by offering wearers a buoyant feeling.

The air unit looks even bigger in person and after donning of the pair of shoes, there’s a nimble sensation that made me feel as though I’m hovering above the ground. While the shoes have a slightly narrow fit, they do fit my feet comfortably well. As a petite girl standing tall at 5’2″, I certainly love the tall heel units that heightened my look. The air unit is designed to provide ultimate cushioning, and it’s also made from more than 75 per cent recycled manufacturing waste, making it a pair of environmental-friendly sneakers.

Fans of Nike may notice that the Air Max 270 and Air Max 360 were named in reference to the degree of visibility in the air unit, and it’s no exception for the Air Max 720 as well. The name 720 is derived from the idea of the shoes having the biggest visibility of air unit — 360 degrees around horizontally and vertically — making it a total of 720. The upper part of the shoe features moulded lines that radiate out from the sides to create a wave-like design and sports a neoprene/ mesh material. As for the colour, the “Total Eclipse” provides dramatic darkness with completely black soles but under the beaming sunlight, they appear slightly purplish with an ombre look which I absolutely adore.

The Air Max 720 is designed as a casual lifestyle shoe instead of a performance shoe and with Nike revealing that the shoes were uniquely engineered for steps rather than strides, I decided to put them to the test. I was impressed with how comfortable my feet felt after wearing it for an eight-hour outing with my friends with long walks around the mall. It took some time to get used to the shoes’ chunkiness and elevated sensation, but the heightened platform was not an issue at all after long hours of wear.

It isn’t a pair running or gym training shoes especially with the stiff material and tall air unit, but during an occasion where I had to run to chase the bus, I was really impressed with the firm bounce and great cushioning of the air soles. It also didn’t disappoint on a 2km outdoor jog, although I’m still a bit wary with the voluptuous soles that occasionally give off an off-the-ground sensation.

Photo: Nike/ Raisa

Photo: Nike/ Raisa

As a lifestyle sneaker, the footwear is the ultimate stylish statement that even our fashion writer Amalina was seen sporting the “Sunset” Air Max 720 that boasts a combination of pink, purple and blue hues! This new addition to the Nike Air Max series comes in multiple dashing colours such as “Sunrise” and “Northern Lights” that’ll surely make heads turn, but the “Total Eclipse” I had paired really well with some of my usual wardrobe picks. Whether it’s a classic black t-shirt with skinny jeans, pastel-coloured skater dress or casual business attire, the sneakers undoubtedly match really well with these simple outfits.

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