FEMALE Talks To: Koh Li Tim On His Streetwear Style And Life Behind Instagram

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F: Fashion shots aside, your IG shows you’re quite a traveller. Which are some of the most memorable countries you’ve visited?

LT: “I’ve travelled a fair bit and to many exotic places with my parents as they are quite adventurous. From having been to Syria in the middle of the border unrest and not being able to leave, to places like Alaska that was a bit cold, really.”


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F: Where’s a place you’ll never get bored of visiting and what’s so special about it?

LT: “Boring answer – London! The city feels like home to me and my family. We know where everything is and it’s easy to get around. It’s always our base camp for other countries we travel to around Europe. In fact, it’s also the place where we update our wardrobes!”

F: What’s your travel personality?

LT: I’m definitely not super adventurous and have never done a solo trip before (and I don’t I ever will). I like travelling with a partner, friends or my parents. Whenever I travel, I put in a lot of research into places, restaurants and cool concept stores, and everyone seems to like that.

F: You studied Automotive Design at Coventry University in the UK. What prompted you to join your dad’s company and go into interior designing?

LT: “Growing up, cars were my first and only passion. I absolutely loved them and wanted nothing other than anything to do with cars, so I pursued a course related to it in university. Eventually, I realised that I would go home to join my dad in his business after my four-year course, and now I spearhead Business Development for our interior design consultancy. I enjoy the business part of it and conceptualising ideas, so I’m able to explore all these elements in this arena and in Malaysia where there are lots of opportunities.”

F: Tell us three facts about you that not many people know about.

LT: First, I’m a bit of an introvert. If you ever come across me, I might seem unfriendly (or worse) but I assure you it’s quite the opposite. It seems that that’s also the general consensus from people after they get to know me. Second, I’m a hopeless romantic. Third, I love rom-coms, even the dumbest ones. They all make me cry at some point.

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