FEMALE Talks To: Koh Li Tim On His Streetwear Style And Life Behind Instagram

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High-end elegance or casual streetwear?

You may have come across Koh Li Tim’s Instagram account and thought that he’s just a fashion model or social media influencer. But #OOTD pictures aside, it’s almost impossible to guess that this 30-year-old spearheads Business Development at EDC International, an interior design consultancy company specialising in hotels. His role here is to conceptualise design concepts for renowned hotel brands before his team executes these plans.

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Blessed with a creative mind,

one couldn’t help but turn to his social media to seek out the next trending fashion style. In fact, his distinctive and sophisticated streetwear looks make him stand out from the sea of fashionistas.

FEMALE: You occasionally post pictures with your mum on IG (and she looks as fashionable as you are!). Is she a source of influence in your fashion choices?

Li Tim: “My mum has always loved fashion from her boarding school days in London and from the stories that I heard, it seems that my dad took her to the next level, introducing her to brands like Thierry Mugler et al. I definitely take after the both of them. From them, I learnt how to put things together that (hopefully) complement each other, and how to choose quality and fit over quantity any day.”

F: What is one fashion accessory you can’t leave the house without?

LT: “My watch or my bracelets and other jewellery pieces, but that’s probably because I don’t ever remove them!”

F: What is your least favourite fashion style?

LT: I’m not a fan of full-body monograms or anything that’s rather loud and in-your-face. I think I would be a bit embarrassed wearing those.


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F: Which is more important to you: style or comfort?

LT: “Comfort, because whatever I wear or buy, I have to be comfortable in, and I’ve noticed that it has become non-negotiable. That’s probably why I always look like I’m in streetwear or a similar silhouette.”

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