FEMALE Speaks to Cassey Gan on Inspiration, Style and Local Fashion

Returning to the runways of KLFW for the third time, we quiz this rising designer about her eponymous label that’s stealing the limelight in the local fashion scene.

Photography: Cassey Gan


FEMALE: What inspired your latest collection that you presented at KLFW last year?

Cassey: “The supremacy of pure artistic feeling, which is the Russian abstract art movement pioneered by Kazimir Malevich. The idea came about in 1913 using simple geometric shapes whilst being associated with ideas of spiritual purity. Heavily influenced by this concept, renowned architect, Zaha Hadid presented her designs alongside curated pieces of the Russian avant garde in an exhibition at the Galarie Gmurzynska, called Suprematism. With Hadid’s recent passing, comes a collection that pays homage to the renowned architect and her many prominent works.

Hence, I wanted to emulate the fluidity and movement of Hadid’s designs by working with more curves and unique shapes for my own collection: SUPREMATISM, which comprises effervescent hues and vibrant shades that reflect Hadid’s optimism and female spirit in a male-dominated industry. Plus, non-form fitting silhouettes offer a sense of freedom for the female form.”


F: Describe your label in three words.

C: “Quiet confidence, comfortable and modern.”


F: Tell us about one defining moment in your career as a local designer?

C: “When I spotted a customer wearing my label on a random day out!”


F: What do you enjoy most about designing garments?

C: “I really want to empower women through my work and hearing feedback from our customers saying that the clothes make them very happy has definitely been one of the strongest motivations to continue to create and innovate.”


F: If you could raid someone’s wardrobe, whose would it be?

C: Alexa Chung.”


F: The top three trends that have made their way into your closet are…

C: “Culottes, pleated skirts and stripes!”


F: Your thoughts on the current athleisure style?

C: “Personally, I’m a big fan of this trend. I’m a huge advocate of comfort and anything that feels very easy and stylish. I also love sneakers very much, especially white ones. For me, this trend will be here to stay for a good while.”


F: What’s the best shopping advice you’ve ever received?

C: “Spend on quality rather than quantity.”


F: One item you’d never be caught dead wearing is…

C: “Body-con outfits.”


F: Where do you see your brand in five years? 

C: “Ideally, I would be selling in 10 different cities. I would also want to have a wider range of products including menswear, kidswear and accessories.”


F: What’s your view on the current local fashion scene?

C: “It’s more exciting than ever. There’s a new pool of young talents who are not afraid to showcase their distinct designs such as Joe Chia, Moto Guo and Pearly Wong who have done very well for themselves not just locally, but also internationally and that is truly inspiring. The world is so well-connected these days that it has become increasingly easy to showcase our work internationally. Plus, thanks to the many overseas tradeshows and showrooms, international markets have become more accessible and this creates more opportunity for designers to participate in. Locally, KLFW has been such an important platform for designers to showcase their work, which instantly brings more visibility and attention to many local brands and in return, helps them to grow.”

Cassey Gan Series 08 collection | Photography: Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan Series 08 collection | Photography: Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan Series 08 collection | Photography: Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan Series 08 collection | Photography: Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan Series 08 collection | Photography: Cassey Gan

Follow Cassey Gan on Instagram @casseygan or head on to her website for more of her collections www.casseygan.com

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