FEMALE EXCLUSIVE: Juliana Evans is Pregnant!

“I’m five months pregnant now!” says the stylish mother-to-be.

We’re happy to announce that Che’ Puan Juliana Sophie Evans and Tengku Shariffuddin Shah confirmed that they are expecting a baby! “I’m five months pregnant now!” says the stylish mother-to-be.

In January this year, actress, emcee, model and TV personality Juliana revealed in a news article that unlike others who became thin when faced with emotional issues, she was the complete opposite as her weight loss was due to happiness. She also said in that report that she was thankful to be a wife and that she enjoyed carrying out her house chores including cooking for her husband every day. Aww!

When we met Juliana at a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago, Juliana appeared to be her usual self and despite having to change into a few different outfits, she was still her bubbly self and kept us entertained with her jokes the whole time. The one thing we concluded after having a casual chat with her was that she was super excited and couldn’t wait to welcome her baby in a few months!

“I only found out that I was pregnant three months ago. Prior to that, I was constantly tired and the morning sickness was a torture. I could hardly eat anything and kept puking, but I just assumed it was stress and that’s why I felt extremely nauseated. I was also in the midst of shooting a 20-episode series and I told myself that I had to keep pushing myself. But after I found out that I was pregnant, it finally made sense,” says Juliana.

“I’d probably take a break for a month or two to spend time with my baby but I will be back on my feet after that.”

Congratulations to the happy couple and we can’t wait to reveal Juliana’s glowing photos to you very soon!

These are our favourite Juliana and Tengku Shariffuddin moments:


(Photography: Kate Spade New York and Juliana Evans)

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