#FashionFriday: Our Guide For A Head To Toe Coloured Look

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It’s becoming a norm to get scared with the thought of wearing bright, vibrant colours out as a full outfit. This season in fashion, we’ve been eyeing collections on the runway and on the streets – and guess what? Colour is in! Who said colours are only acceptable for Spring and Summer? Fall fashion is possible if you pair your looks right.

Our Editorial Assistant, Arielle, accepted our five day challenge of wearing and styling a head to toe look with just one specific colour each day. Can you handle a challenge like this?

  1. Sunshine Yellow

To start her week off, Arielle got rid of her Monday blues by donning yellow as a look. The colour not only is bright and perky but the thought of how fun it could be to style this as a look is a plus! Ditch the yellow basic t-shirt and style it up with a patterned button up just like how Arielle did. The plaid button up with a collar adds a feminine touch to her layering it with a short beige jumpsuit. To finish it off, adding yellow sneakers for comfort is lively to power through the week.

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