#FashionFriday: Statement Necklaces

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If you’re always playing it safe by wearing simple jewelry around your neck, it’s definitely time to step up your game.

The weekend is here once again, and it’s pretty tempting to slip into something casual and relaxed. But instead of slumming it over the weekend, why not put on something cute and head out with friends or family? As a matter of fact, I’m currently deciding on a place to have my weekly dose of brunch with the girls! The best way to dress up any outfit is with statement accessories: think colourful, bold or chunky necklaces!

With these inspirations coming your way, you can not only style your outfits with these necklaces for work but also for a day out with your girls – or date nights too! Choosing the right necklaces for your outfits can be challenging, but this year is all about being bold and expressing yourself, so go for it!

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