An Exclusive Peek Inside the female Team’s Handbags

Also, our personal tips of what you should look for when shopping for a new arm candy and MORE!

Handbags, to us ladies, are as staple in adding that final (perfect) touch to an outfit as shoes — and accessories. But with so many shapes, sizes, styles AND colours, how do you find the perfect one? And what do we even put in that large carryall or what can we possibly stuff in that teeny (but oh-so-adorable) clutch? These are our answers, along with tips on what you should look out for, handbag essentials, how to style them and a lot more!


Why is your handbag perfect for everyday wear?

Terry: The black and gold studs combo is a brainless way to add an instant edge to any outfit!


Name three ‘criterias’ a handbag must have for you to fall in love with it (and buy it, of course).

Samantha: Well, it must have…

  1. … pocket compartments – for small items like name cards and bobby pins.
  2. … a colour that isn’t light read: easily-stained – I’m very clumsy and constantly spill stuff on myself.
  3. … wide straps so that it can be carried on my shoulder – I’m constantly on the move and carrying stuff, so I can’t be bothered to hold my bag with my hands.


What should a handbag have to be perfect for everyday wear?

Joanna: It should give me two options to carry it: either slinging it over my shoulder or toting it around my wrist.


Why did you choose this colour for your handbag?

Andrea: Navy blue is just as easy to match as black or white, really. And it does go with any outfit in my wardrobe! One of the main things that attract me when buying a new handbag is that it has to have the qualities of being an ‘everyday bag’ – I rarely change my handbag (call me lazy), so it has to be versatile enough in structure, style and colour to match any outfit.


What’s your number one tip to keeping a handbag neat?

Rachel: I’m pretty OCD with organisation in my bag. If it doesn’t have enough compartments, I’d have mini bags in the bag to put a different ‘category’ of things — i.e. a makeup pouch, a powerbank pouch, a medicine pouch, etc. It just makes it easier to find things.


Three things that are always in your handbag.

Sarah: My purse, phone and an inhaler.


What do you usually carry with you in your handbag?

Gwen: Three main things…

  1. Glasses – Let’s just say my eyesight is getting from bad to worse.
  2. Driving license – Never leave home without it!
  3. Mints – Fresh breath, very important!


What inclined you to purchase this handbag?

Fara: Simple. It’s black, which means it matches everything! Also, if it’s black with gold hardware, I’m sold!


Three beauty items you always have with you in your handbag.

Phoebe: Anti-bacteria wet wipes, lipsticks (yes… lipstickS) to change from a day to night look, and compact powder with SPF (in case I don’t have the time to reapply sunscreen).


How does this handbag add the perfect touch to your style?

Wan Lee: I wear a lot of black, so this handbag gives my outfit an instant pop of colour. It’s also big enough for me to throw (almost) anything in!


What do you look for when shopping for a new arm candy?

Sufiya: Depends on what you need it for, but I will look at it based on the 3S’s: style, space and size.


What is the best thing about your handbag?

Joan: I love my handbag because the framed structure dresses up any casual outfit, and the compartments are great to make sure everything is within reach. The top-handle also lets me tote it when I don’t feel like slinging the bag across my shoulders. Its size lets me fit all the junk I carry around and its fail-proof colours completely match my everyday outfits and styles!

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