Dress Thinner in Minutes

Shave off those extra pounds instantly with these style solutions.

dress thinner

Picture: juliannstitick.com


Figure fix 1: Slimming the arms and bust

 If you look top-heavy and your upper arms lack tone and definition, then these flattering separates will help you get the proportions right:


1. Cropped jacket

Why this works:

A cropped jacket draws attention away from a busty upper body by emphasizing the waist.


2. Dress with vertical stripes 

Why this works:

Vertical stripes create a slimming effect on robust areas and will reduce the appearance of a heavy top.


3. Flowy top

Why this works:

Soft, flowy pieces like a chiffon throw lend room for busty figures without looking clumsy.



Figure fix 2: Slimming the waist

You don’t have to lean heavily on tented tops and high-waisted trousers to downplay a rounded tummy. These feminine pieces will do the trick:


1. Sash-ties

Why this works:

A waist-tie dress creates the illusion of a nipped-in waist. This instantly slims down your midsection.


2. Shift dress

 Why this works:

Its slightly roomy cut disguises the stomach area while the neckline’s pearl details draw the attention upwards.


3. Asymmetrical skirt

Why this works:

Get a sleeker waist by pairing an asymmetrical skirt with a fitted silhouette on top.



Figure fix 3: Slimming the hips and thighs

Do you find yourself avoiding pants and voluminous dresses because of your curvy lower half? Let these style essentials change your mind about dressing around your hips and thighs:


1. Halter top

 Why this works:

It broadens your shoulders to balance out your silhouette, creating the appearance of narrower hips and slimmer legs.


2. Cropped pants

Why this works:

Trousers like this visually create a slimming, streamlined effect that elongates your legs.


3. Panel dress

 Why this works:

The fullness of the dress from the waist down completely conceals the hips and thigh zone.