Double Your Wardrobe With These 8 Reversible Fashion Pieces

Switching from one fashion look to the other couldn’t be any easier with these reversible fashion items.

Whether it’s clothing or accessories, what every woman wish to have in life is a wardrobe filled with unlimited outfits. There are times when we would get frustrated for not having a certain item to match our #OOTD, or for not purchasing a skirt in two different colours so that we could mix and match them for various fashion looks.

Enter: reversible fashion pieces. This concept is certainly not a new one but while it was pretty rare to find in the past, the supply for such items are growing more prominent than ever today. Reversible clothing gives us the convenience to create many different looks with just a single piece, and the best part? Their multi-functionality is a good way to stretch your clothing budget. Of course, reversible fashion doesn’t limit to clothing only. There are accessories that can be worn in two different ways too. Here are nine products that look great inside out and worth your investment if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 item.

1. Diane von Furstenberg reversible collection 

Diane von Fürstenberg first launched her eponymous line in 1972 and built a name in the fashion industry with her iconic wrap dress and signature prints. And now, she has taken her designs up a notch by reforming her fashion pieces into reversible items. Whether it’s her renowned wrap dresses, midi skirts, cotton cardigan or mesh top, the Belgian fashion designer has put together a whole reversible collection so that you can enjoy her outfits both ways. Some of our favourites include this ‘Gwendolyn’ Reversible Satin Midi Wrap Dress and ‘Edna’ Reversible Ruched Mesh Midi Skirt.

2. PUMA x SOPHIA WEBSTER Reversible Women’s Crop Top, RM279 

Sophia Webster rose to fame in 2013 for her feminine design combined with a sophisticated approach that attracts the attention of many mid-age fashionistas. Her collaboration with PUMA blends her creative and feminine design DNA with her experienced dance background. Paired with PUMA’s silhouettes of vibrant colours and metallic flashes, the collection ventures into the urban jungle with an exotic take on streetwear. This classic reversible crop top reminisces the dynamic of the ‘80s style. With its striking pastel and fluorescent combination, its eye-catching appearance will definitely make you stand out in the gym. Want to stay low with a casual style? Just flip it inside out to reveal the pastel pink side featuring the iconic PUMA leaping cat logo.

3. Burberry Reversible Monogram Motif Leather Wrap Belt, RM1,620 

Every wardrobe could do with a brown and black belt to match a variety of outfits. This two-sided wrap belt from Burberry is a perfect piece of accessory to own and looks absolutely elegant with any outfit too. It is accented with a polished Thomas Burberry Monogram buckle which can be easily removed to flip the belt inside out. The skinny design also makes the accessory very versatile as it pairs well with trousers, jeans and even dresses to cinch the waist.

4. Gnome & Bow Covent Handbag, RM978

Gnowe & Bow was founded on the notion that bags can go beyond functionality and become an effective medium for storytelling. Hence, the Gnome represents the element of fantasy while the Bow symbolises the mark of class. The Covent handbag tells the story of Jekyll and Hyde which we’re all familiar with – one man with two sides. This classic modernised design presents a lustrous nylon on one side which portrays Dr. Jekyll and a printed canvas on the other, with each motif a testament to the unconventional ways of Mr. Hyde. The ultra-lightweight handbag allows you to flip it inside out for a classic or more radical look and its size is simply perfect for daily use. Oh, did we mention that there are only 33 pieces worldwide?

5. Maaji ‘Artemis Black Daydream’ Reversible Swim Top, RM299 

It’s not every day we get to head out to the beach so why wear the same-looking bikini top all the time? This bralette-style bikini top features an open back to exude your sexiness and reverses to a magical Maaji print. Go canoeing on the lake in this comfortable black bikini and switch it inside out to the colourful design for a playful time by the pool.

6. Superdry All Over Print Varsity Reversible Puffer Jacket, RM699 

We can’t wait to travel during the winter with this chic puffer jacket! The solid maroon colour delivers a sophisticated vibe to your overall fashion look and is perfect on days when you want to keep a low profile and look subtly elegant. On the other hand, the print side is all about streetwear look and is perfect when you’re out having fun with friends and want to portray your playful and daring side. No matter which side you choose, leave it to the trusty Superdry technology to keep you warm in the cold.

7. Shanghai Tang Chinoiserie Silk Twilly, approximately RM822 

Chinoiserie designs are absolutely elegant and add a note of gracefulness to an overall outfit. But if you’re looking for a subtle addition of the chinoiserie-print to your look, a scarf is a great accessory to achieve that. This sophisticated, tassel-effect scarf is made from luxurious silk and can be knotted in various ways depending on how you’d like to wear it. Pair it with your outfit by using it to cinch your waist, or simply tie around your neck. Otherwise, you can also wrap it around the handles of your bag to add some colour variety to your monotone outfit. We love the red-and-purple reversible colours but if you’re seeking for one that’s more versatile, the black-and-white reversible colour is a great choice.

8. Eugenia Kim ‘Sara In Black’ Bucket Hat, approximately RM296 

Sun’s out, hats on! With this blazing sunlight we’re getting every day, don’t forget to put on a hat before you head outdoors. This reversible bucket hat from Eugenia Kim’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is the perfect headwear to possess now, be it for essential use or to elevate your summer style. Subtly show off the lemon-print side when you wear the hat on its black denim body side up by flipping the edges up, or go funky and flip it over to the full lemon-print side!

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