Do You Really Need To Wear A Bra?

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For many women, there’s nothing better about getting home than the feeling of taking off your bra.

Just imagining the feeling is enough to make me sign in anticipation: aaaaah. Comfort. But if bras are so uncomfortable and we look forward so much to freeing our boobs from them, why do we even wear bras in the first place?

As women, we’ve been wearing bras for a very, very long time. The very first bra-like garment can be found on statues of female athletes dating back to 14th century BC! From girdles to corsets, women have been wearing garments to accentuate or restrain their breasts for centuries. The history of the bra is a colourful, complex thing that often reflected the changing societal status of the women who wore them.

Which brings us to now. Why do we still wear bras?

1. For Health

In a controversial French study, a doctor who monitored the health of 330 women over 15 years claimed that wearing a bra was worse for breasts than going bare-chested. The study has been largely rubbished due to its small sample size and poor research methods.  But going bra-less clearly has some pretty notable fans, especially in Hollywood.

A more realistic problem is that up to a lot of women are probably wearing a wrongly-sized bra (Anything between 65% to 85% depending on the study you look at). An ill-fitting bra can lead to aches and pains, and even alter your natural breast shape.

Our suggestion? Get your bras professionally fitted at the store. And because sizes tend to run between different brands, get measured every single time before you purchase a new bra. I know, it kinda sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to show your body like that. But if a woman wants to show her body, I’m all for it.”

Bella Hadid


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