Discover Izabel Goulart’s 6 Style Rules With Jimmy Choo

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Brazilian model Izabel Goulart stars in an exclusive social media editorial story for Jimmy Choo celebrating key stories of the brand’s Pre Fall 18 season, Evening and Getaway.

Shot in the South of France during the the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival, the story follows Izabel sashaying through the iconic Cap Estel Hotel in Èze, decked out in a variety of Jimmy Choo pieces as she goes through her “Style Rules”.

1. Shoes Are Everything

As one of the most photographed women on the planet, Izabel is a pro at working unexpected red carpet looks. Here she expertly models a masculine—but still alluring—tuxedo with mannish brogues and a hint of midriff.

Shoes are, Izabel explains, central to the red-carpet recipe. “It’s the shoes that really set the tone for an outfit, whether it’s heels or lace up flats.” To finish the look, Izabel favours a mini clutch, in which she carries her evening essentials: “lipstick, concealer, gum and my phone. I really try and keep it edited—what else does a girl really need?”

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