Dhan Illiani Is Our Art Enthusiast Style Crush!

Easy-going with a heart-warming smile, this month’s fashionista brings colour and razzmatazz to her personal style.

Dhan Illiani, 20


With her unique style and charming personality, here is someone you should look out for. Our stylish girl of the month, Dhan has the eye to make things work well together. Think of the unexpected – that’s how we’d describe her style. She makes the most random pieces of clothing work well no matter how clashing the prints and textures are!

“I usually go for shawls or scarves with a unique trait; it can be the way it flows to the patterns and colour(s).”

Dhan’s fashion inspirations are Björk and FKA Twigs, which makes perfect sense. We can definitely see elements of both singers’ style influence Dhan’s innovative look. “I’d describe my look as experimental, quirky and artsy,” she says.

It’s amazing  how much freedom I have in styling my hijab with my hoodie and bucket hats!”

Her Instagram feed isn’t only filled with original artworks but also photos that show off her talent as a photographer with a unique eye. Currently, in her final year at university pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design and armed with the skills and passion for fashion and photography, Dhan hopes to pursue a career in art direction. With a love for bucket hats and having a stylish eye to constantly create something fresh, she’s definitely the coolest 20-year-old in our books!

A few of Dhan’s favourite things!


Taken from print issue. Text by Amalina Anuar.

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