DeGem Celebrates Strong Women With Their Latest Soleluna Collection

No pressure, no diamonds.

A single stone of diamond, no matter how big or small, has been through much more work than you might think. It starts off by first forming into natural gemstones deep within the earth’s mantle where intense heat – above 1,000 degrees Celsius – and tremendous pressure exceeding 725, 000 pounds per square inch fuse together carbon atoms into natural diamonds we extract today. But the process doesn’t stop there; the diamond then has to be cut, polished and graded before it is placed on a piece of jewellery. Some diamonds even take years before it’s ready to be seen!

Just like diamonds, we too go through great journeys before we’re transformed into better, stronger and refined versions of ourselves. After experiencing everything from stress to failures, we’ve blazed through them and are more accomplished in so many ways.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, DeGem and FEMALE are ending the month with strong women! Shining the spotlight on two very strong women who have have overcome different struggles to achieve what they have set forth today, we talk to Ellie E. Norman,  Creative Director and Fashion Designer of My Apparel Zoo, Zoo Basics and Ellie Stone, and Dr. Andrea Lim, CEO of Peak Fitness Malaysia and Body Combat and RPM Instructor.

Ellie E Norman

Dr. Andrea Lim

Each with their own uphill battle of reaching their career and life goals, Ellie and Andrea share their stories on the situations they’ve faced, how they overcame their hardships and changes while doing it with style in DeGem’s Soleluna diamond fashion jewellery collections. Watch the exclusive video below:

The Soleluna range worn by Ellie and Andrea is a contemporary and minimalistic collection of diamond jewellery, and is an embodiment of DeGem as a renowned jeweller who aims to bring fashion into diamond jewellery. The collections are developed through detailed study on the latest international fashion trends, rigorous design process to translate these trends into jewellery pieces and selecting suitable diamonds to create beautiful jewelleries that are versatile, stylish, statement-worthy and most importantly, affordable.

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