The Coach Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Thrills!

Ok, I’ll get straight to the most thrilling part about Coach’s upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection – a girl will be able to walk into a boutique and walk out clad in Coach from head-to-toe!

Yes, I was one of the lucky few chosen to preview its new season at their regional event in Hong Kong, along with other international media from Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

I’ll give you an exclusive sneak peek captured from my Samsung Note (it’s a brilliant tool, I’m tellin’ ya!).


The one element that wow-ed me? To retain the Coach signatures in their Ready-to-Wear line, they have a turn-lock clasp belt that’s attached to the wrap skirt. I thought it was a pretty cool detail!


Coach is also expanding their shoe line into a MASSIVE one! These are just a tiny segment of what they’re offering shoe aficionados next season.

andrea-blog-coach-aw-13-collection--4 andrea-blog-coach-aw-13-collection--5

The mastermind design team has Coach imprinted all over their new designs in the subtlest of ways – turn-lock clasps, barely-visible logos, leather tassels, metal hardware and signature vibrant colours (which are spot-on every single time). Can you say G-E-N-I-U-S?


Fancy a Coach Scrabble set? ;)


This leather backpack is meant for boys, but of course girls can use it too. Besides, Coach is now realising that many girls are pulling a ‘borrowed-from-the-boys’ and shopping at the men’s section for themselves!


Malaysian media and their happy faces :)


My very own lil’ Coach treat!


Psst… Look out for my female Exclusive in our OCTOBER issue. This blog post is meant to be a sneak preview ;)