Coach And Disney Collaborate For A Dark Take On Disney Fairytales

The Coach collection we’ve been waiting for is here!

Coach has collaborated with Disney for the third time to produce the Disney x Coach: A Dark Fairy Tale collection. As the name suggests, this isn’t the Disney you grew up with: this special-edition collection puts a dark, edgy, and romantic twist on classic Disney princess tales.

The pieces of ready-to-wear and leather goods create an alluring mix of spooky undertones and the tension of nostalgic Disney animation as part of the brand’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection.

In this collaboration,  you’ll find motifs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty—think dark and dreamy castles, poisoned apples and wide-eyed woodland creatures— to bring out Disney’s edgier, darker side. And why not? So many of the fairytales Disney classics (these two in particular) are based on are actually pretty grim and dark.

“I have always loved Disney –both the movies and the fantasy worlds created that have captured my imagination for many decades. It was fun to explore the darker side of these stories and mix Disney’s nostalgic charm with Coach’s creativity to bring my memories from these fairytales to life within our world of accessories and ready-to-wear,” says Coach Creative Director, Stuart Vevers. “The Disney spirit truly reinforces the new youthful perspective we are bringing to luxury at Coach.”

The collection also showcases authentic Coach American sportswear like jersey hoodies, sneakers and fanny packs, with Disney inspired patches and embellishments.

The Disney x Coach: A Dark FairyTale collection is now available in Coach stores nationwide except Premium Outlets. Check out some of the pieces below!