Clash de Cartier, Cartier’s Latest Jewellery Collection Is Not What You Expect

Cartier has introduced a new jewelry collection that looks set to shake up the heritage of the Maison. Poised as a new icon, Clash de Cartier is a celebration of duality and apparent contradiction, a boldly studded yet elegant collection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces in pink gold.

At first glance, Clash de Cartier is all sharp-edged and geometric. But get up close and personal with it and you’ll realise it is also soft to the touch (the studs and baubles lie on a mesh) and moveable, and the bright pink gold lends it a glowing feminine touch.

As for the face of the collection? None other than English-Brazilian actress Kaya Scodelario! Since beginning her career in 2007 as the enigmatic, rebellious Effy Stonem in the acclaimed British teen drama Skins, Kaya has since gone on to play a wide range of roles in a range of striking, free-spirited choices.

Her multifaceted talent makes her the perfect choice for Cartier to showcase the duality of the Clash de Cartier collection.

“My role in the #clashdecartier campaign is as a dual woman, one who embodies opposite styles that may appear contradictory, but that harmonize to create a stylish shake-up of the Maison’s heritage. Soft & Strong. Loud & subtle. Protective & Bold. Brazilian & British.” – Kaya Scodelario

“What we love about Kaya is the meeting of two cultures: a Latin American raised in England. Kaya cultivates two facets of the same energy in a stylish balancing act, a creative duel between serious and quirky. Like the Clash de Cartier collection, the actress combines the aristocratic codes with a touch of irreverence and elegance,” says Arnaud Carrez, International Marketing and Communications Director at Cartier International.

Clash de Cartier is available online now.