Celebrate Merdeka In APOM’s Latest Tees

Here’s a piece of Malaysia you’re about to fall in love with.

Photography: APOM

If you’re familiar with APOM AKA A Piece of Malaysia, then you’re on board with what the brand is all about. You’ve seen their funky shirts on your Instagram feed and being sold in pop up stores – there’s no way you can stop but do a double take at their witty localised slogans on a T-shirt which we love. With Merdeka around the corner, why aren’t we surprise that they’ve got fresh new tees up their sleeves?

Well, we’ve got good news for you APOM fans!

APOM has a new home in Bangsar Village and we’re here to assure you that it’s worth the visit! Also, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of local brands being sold in their flagship store too. To celebrate their grand launch a few weeks ago, the new Merdeka campaign “HARAPAN” was highlighted on that very same day!

Photography: APOM

#Harapanmy is their fun approach in embracing a fresh take on patriotism in an interactive way, so why not flaunt it loud and proud right? With their latest Harapan tee launched in 3 designs for that subtle flaunt; we’re convinced it’s one of the best ways to celebrate the 31st of August by pairing this to your everyday staples.

Take a peek at our favourite designs below and head over to get yours now on APOM

Harapan Quote Black Tee, RM45

Harapan Uni Orange Tee, RM45

Harapan Iron On Patch, RM18

Harapan Uni White Tee, RM45

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