Cartier’s New Guirlande de Cartier Bag Is Inspired By Its Iconic Red Jewellery Box

As far as jewellery cases go, Cartier’s iconic red box is instantly recognisable.

Whether you’ve seen it on the silver screen or have had the fortune of receiving one yourself, you could easily argue a Cartier box is just as much a piece of art as the jewellery it contains: rich red leather adorned all around by a gilded floral wreath.

Cartier – no stranger to seeing the beauty in ordinary items like locks and screws or nails – must also think the same, because they’ve just released their first leather goods collection inspired by that same red box.

Enter the Guirlande de Cartier, a small collection of bags that wear their design inspiration and historic heritage clearly.

Available in three sizes, the Guirlande de Cartier bag takes the silhouette of eight clean-cut facets carved from supple calfskin stamped with the signature golden ‘guirlande’ frieze and a flap reminiscent of the iconic red box.

Did you know? When Cartier opened its first boutique at the turn of the 20th century, its jewellery cases came in a wide range of colours from dark green to antique pink. Red gradually became the house’s dominant signature colour in 1920 or 1930, chosen for its identity as the universal symbol of passion: love.

Lined with black leather within to evoke the rich black velvet that lines their high jewellery cases, each bag also comes with an adjustable, removable leather strap and a golden mirror that slips into a secret slot in the two compartment interior.

Keep your eyes peeled because this is not the only silhouette you’ll see in the Guirlande de Cartier colelction!

Guirlande de Cartier is available in Malaysia in mini, small and medium sizes and in red, green or black calfskin.