Braun Büffel’s FW18 Collection Is Inspired By An Uncommon Decade

Revisit an era of bewitching audacity and self-expression.

Braun Büffel’s Fall/Winter collection reimagines the glamourous era of 1970’s disco charm in the chic-est way possible.

(Photo: Braun Büffel)

The collection draws its inspiration from an interesting source: the nightlife and underground culture of the 70’s, evident in the colour palette of sophisticated shades like Bordeaux burgundy, military forest green and deep ocean blue thrown against more Warhol-esque kaleidoscopic hues.

And to further drive home the contrast, the collection also sees a contrasting narrative of opulent evening glamour paired with minimalist silhouettes that pay homage to the defining social movements for gender equality in 70’s New York. Weave details, contrasting stitching and studded ornamentation play on the idea of bold 70’s chic style.

From the elegant evening-ready shapes of the Jane and Lesley collections, the sleek structure of Janis collection, to the relaxed yet feminine “carries everything” Lynda bags and ample Delia totes, the eclectic seasonal offerings are a feast for the eyes!

Watch the electric campaign film below:

View the full collection on Braun Büffel.