What To Remember When Doing Colour Blocking

Got a burning fashion question? Our fashion writer comes to the rescue with spot-on style advice. 

Q: “I realise that it doesn’t really matter what colour goes with what anymore, but how do I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to colour blocking? I’d like to work with blue as it’s my favourite colour.” -Faizura Iqbal, Subang Jaya

F: I would say go with your guts when it comes to colour blocking because at the end of the day, it’s what you feel comfortable in, right? Since you’ve picked blue, I suggest going for something zesty like or yellow. Going bring in your ensemble is a trend right now and who wouldn’t want to be a fashion statement? Otherwise, try contrasting your blue blouse with a lighter shade to match – but finish off with poppin’ pink mules!


Asymmetric Ruffled Skirt, Jacquemus

Side Slit Trousers, MSGM

Embellished Buckle Mule, Casadei

From the print edition.

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