Ask FEMALE: How To Wear A Blazer Out Of The Office

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Q: “I’ve been seeing lots of blazer looks recently and I’m really interested in trying them out as I love the structured silhouette mixed with edgy vibes. However, I’m afraid I’ll end up looking too business-chic or formal with my pairings. How do you think I should go about this?” – Kayla Ruben, Sungai Buloh

A: That’s a great question! One way to start is by choosing the right blazer for the job. I’d suggest something in a bright and vibrant colour with an oversized or relaxed fit. Once you have that down, pair it with casual pieces from your wardrobe like say, a crop top or a pair of leather shorts. Finish off with striking shoes and you’ve got yourself an edgy blazer ensemble!

From the print edition. Original text by Rachel Dulis.