7 Skirt Styles You Need In Your Wardrobe This Summer Season

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If there’s one thing we love about summer, it’s definitely the versatile yet stylish skirts that pair well with any occasion.

Whether you’re attending an outdoor barbecue party or having a casual coffee break at a local cafe, a good and chic skirting will never fail your fashion look. This season, experiment with different accessories and switch up your layering techniques to unlock some of the hidden outfit potentials a summer skirt has to offer.

Be it a cult skirt from Zara or a tie-dye trend the internet won’t stop talking about, we’ve rounded up some examples of skirts that are set to define the summer style this year.

1. Asymmetric hems

Asymmetric Skirt with Fringing, RM249, Zara

Is it a mini or midi skirt? Well, it’s both! White is undoubtedly the best colour to exude beach vibes so switch up a tone this year and don on a wrap-style front skirt that features an asymmetric hem. The matching fringing adds an extra notch of chicness into the overall outfit.

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