7 Most Stylish Twins To Follow On Instagram

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Seeing double!

What’s better than having one style icon? A twin style icon!  These fashionistas not only score in OOTD shots but they each bring a different X-factor to the youth, fashion and music scenes as some are writers, others are turntable ninjas! Take fashion pointers from these ladies as they show you how you can make an outfit stand out two different ways; the twinning look is all about looking identical but different at the same time.

1. Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta / @lejonhjerta

The Swedish Afro-Sami twins started out with posting OOTD shots and scenic nature landscapes; and they’ve grown to become “writers, poets, models and insta-jedis”, according to space-matters. If you’re thinking “Where have I seen them before?”, you probably recognised the girls from Drake’s album cover for VIEWS. They’re buddies with Drake, he even has a tattoo with their surname on his arm. Besides that, the 28 year-olds has been featured in campaigns for H&M, Eytys, Nike, Calvin Klein, Max Factor, Volvo, and more.

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