7 Designer Backpacks That Are Just As Stylish As Handbags

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Can you remember the last time you carried a backpack?

We’ve all lugged one around during our school years but that doesn’t mean the humble backpack is just a school bag of the past. As we grow up, we may slowly transition towards different handbag designs, but there’s no deny thing that nothing is as comfortable as a backpack to tote around all day.

Handbags are an important piece of fashion not just to look stylish but to keep our personal belongings and bundles of might-need items. Yet, carrying them on one side of the shoulder is torturous after long hours. Enter the backpack!

Photo: Rebecca Minkoff

No matter what you have planned for the day, backpacks can be a great accessory to style up your overall look and make mobility so much easier. Whether you love compact designs or sporty looks, these luxe backpacks are perfect to replace your handbags for a day out or even while travelling.

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