7 Adorable Cartoon-inspired Rat-Themed Chinese New Year Collections To Fall In Love With

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Get ready to make the Year of the Rat your most stylish month yet with these stunning, seasonal Chinese New Year collections!

Whether it’s on your handbag, t-shirt, or even an earring, this year’s fashion creations is bound to add a touch of fun to your festive wardrobe and celebrations in the best possible way! So get ready to celebrate the Year of the Rat with these vibrant and fun fashion pieces.

1. H&M

We’re being served with so much love and family joy as everyone’s favourite couple, Zanilia Zhao and William Feng, front H&M’s chic and latest campaign. This seasonal Chinese New Year collection is full of rich reds and playful cherries to get us in the festive season. But, while the collection is stunningly subtle, it also features an adorable mouse-eared cap that plays a fun tribute to this upcoming year of the rat. Needless to say, this collection has something for every single occasion, getting us ready for our fun and meaningful celebrations!

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