6 Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas That’ll Help You Stay Motivated And Productive

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We understand how hard it can be during a difficult time like this to feel upbeat and inspired and to get yourself up on your feet to continue on with your daily activities.

With the Restricted Movement Order that’s currently in place, we’ve gathered a few trendy and comfy styles that you can wear at home to make you feel positive and stay motivated. This way, you can stay in and work from home without sacrificing your sense of style!

1. It’s all in the details 

Staying at home isn’t so bad when you actually have time in the morning to dress up despite staying indoors all day. While it’s tempting to laze around in your pyjamas throughout the day, the psychological effects of wearing them could hinder productivity. A chic and comfy option would be a tank top with intricate details, which you can wear with your oversized pants – check out how Alyssa Coscarelli pairs hers with high-waisted denim cargo pants and minimal hoops!

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