5 Dress Rental Solutions For Almost Any Occassion

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To be completely honest, I’ve never been able to justify spending hundreds of dollars for a dress that I’ll only wear once. It never seemed fair how we women get judged for repeating an outfit (Yeah, it’s apparently a faux pas, did you know? I didn’t until it was too late!) but men just need to switch up their ties at most.

Photo: Love Gown Couture

If you’re like me, here’s the perfect solution to our event-wear woes: dress rentals! It’s exactly what it sounds like.  For the fraction of the price of a one single-wear gown, you pay a rental fee to rent a piece for your event and you’ll even have time to try it on and get it altered to fit you.

So we’ve put together a list of 6 different dress rental services around KL, just in time for holiday party season, each with their own unique selling points!

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