5 Things Every Superwoman Should Carry in her Handbag

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Is one of your New Year’s goals to be totally on top of your life? We know the struggle, and we’re here to help!


Feeling stressed, disorganised and just downright frazzled? Not to worry as we’ve all been there. Here are a few things that you can stash in your everyday bag that’ll help ease your daily worries a bit:

  1. A planner

We know it’s hard to keep all aspects of your life in order, but as Martha Stewart once said, “Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” The first step to doing that is to write everything down so you don’t forget! We like this planner because it’s versatile (you can start at whichever date you’d like, and there are different sections for different purposes) and has ample of space to jot down all your plans.



We also rounded up our fave planners here, so take your pick and find the one that helps you plan your days out best!

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