5 One-of-a-kind Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers We Love!

Must See! Creative Onitsuka Tiger designs in conjunction with its 50th Anniversary

Onitsuka Tiger shoes

Onitsuka Tiger celebrated the 50th Anniversary of their iconic stripes logo with an ‘M66: Of Different Stripes’ exhibition, with 50 Singaporean artists enlisted to customize the iconic Mexico 66 shoes. From the array of cool metallic threads to oh-so cute googly eyes and a painting of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, touring the exhibition at Pedder on Scotts definitely gave us the chills (in a good way). Now, if only we could get our hands on them…

These are the few designs that caught our attention:

Gilda Su-Top 2      Side view of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers designed by Gilda Su

Gilda Su of RÊVASSEUR, Fashion Designer

Title of work: Monsters Among Us
Instagram: @gildarevasseur & @revasseur

“Sometimes in society, the purest and most angelic faces are actually monsters underneath.” – Gilda’s design inspo

Inspo aside, doesn’t this bright and fluffy pair remind you of James P. Sullivan from Monsters, Inc.?


Andrew Loh - Side 1

Top view of Onitsuka Tiger sneakers designed by Andrew Loh

Andrew Loh, Designer Artist

Title of work: Dreams Of Forever
Instagram: @andrewlohdesigns

1. How did you come up with this design?
“My design started off with a drawing which I drew while thinking back about my years spent in Japan and my impression of Onitsuka Tiger as a brand. I used very industrial objects like metal rivets, polycarbonate nuts and wire mesh because shoes are also made of industrial objects. Bringing all these objects together and working with it with passion resulted in this artwork.

2. What keeps you inspired?
“It’s something inside me that feels the need to keep on creating, and when I’m creating I feel alive, regardless whether it’s shown to others.”

3. Biggest challenge when it comes to designing?
“It would be to stay true to my own voice. To come up with an authentic design and not bow to peer pressure or what is trending right now while having to be authentic and be able to express my own direction.”

4. What do you think of the brand?
“Onitsuka Tiger is a brand that values both craftsmanship and arts and that is quite unique. I have been cutting up the shoes for this project, and while cutting it up I was pleasantly surprised that it still held its form and that speaks of good structure, craftsmanship and quality.”


Onitsuka Tiger sneaker designed by Linda Hao

Linda Hao-Top 1

Linda Hao, Designer

Title of work: Blossom Of Life
Instagram: @yesahhyesahh and @lindahaoliyuan

“Dried flowers, repurposed on leather shoes celebrate a fresh beginning, epitomizing an inifinite journey of boundless possibilities.” – Linda’s design inspo


Onitsuka Tiger Vik Lim sneaker

Vik Lim - 1

Vik Lim, Designer

Title of work: Tongue Tied

1. How did you come up with this design?
“I didn’t want to paint, draw or cut the almost-perfect classic trainers, hence I decided to go with this ‘tongue tied’ design to shake the idea of what a trainer is all about.”

2. How is your personality reflected through your work?
“I am not flashy or loud when it comes to clothes. It’s always quiet and understated in looks but big in impact. There must always be an element of surprise.”

3. What’s the best and worst advice you’ve ever received?
“The worst would be ‘listen to what consumer wants’. By doing that, you are setting perimeters around yourself and as a result, it’ll compromize your designs and inhibit creativity. I always want to push the boundaries with each project I do. The best advice would be from a Japanese designer, Hiroko Koshino I used to apprentice under – she told me ‘nothing is impossible, anything is possible, you just have to dream it’.”


Zu Orzu - Side 1Onitsuka Tiger Zu Orzu - Quarter 1

Zu Orzu, Illustrator

Title of work: Pace/ Phase
Instagram: @zuorzu

“Inspired by walking adventures in unfamiliar place, the artwork articulates my physical and experiential imprints based on my perception of space in different time zones.” – Zu Orzu’s design inspo


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