5 Malaysian Female Fashionistas You Should Follow on Instagram

MAJOR #ootd inspo from these stylish locals!

Long gone are the days where we can only seek trend updates from movies or magazines. With the convenience of social media, we are also able to get our daily dose of inspiration right at the palm of our hands and with just a click of a button — the ‘Follow’ button on Instagram, for example. We list down five of our fave Malaysian fashionistas to follow on Instagram and even got them to dish a few tips that include their shopping haunts and #ootd must-knows!

1. Amanda Liu, @amandalmy

A lover of monochromatic colours, Amanda’s Instagram feed has a beautiful wash of white, black and grey. With a fashion style as prominent as her photography style, she is attracted to mixing edgy leather jackets with sensual lace details yet maintaining her statement look — simple and minimalistic.

Favourite shopping spot? Pavilion or Mid Valley in Malaysia; Pratunam in Bangkok and Myeong Dong or Dong Dae Mun in Korea.

Favourite photo editing app? VSCOcam.

Any tips for taking an #ootd picture? Find a good scenery or background that could really make your outfit stand out. Remember it is you who’s wearing the clothes — not the clothes wearing you!

2. Charis Ow, @charisow

This bubbly fashionista started out as a YouTuber, recording cover songs, but her channel has since transitioned from music to fashion and is taking over the Malaysian YouTube scene. Her lovely persona can be described as bright, pop and technicolour; and that shows in her Instagram pictures that never fail to put a smile on everyone’s face.

How would you describe your style? To be honest, I don’t really have a set style. I’m always ready to explore and try new things! But if I have to choose, I usually gravitate towards a more feminine and chic style.

One fashion item you can’t live without? A white button-up top.

Any tips for taking an #ootd picture? If you’re a shorty like me, ask your photographer (in a nice way!) to take the photo angled from the bottom up! It’ll give you the illusion of having longer legs. Hence, making you look taller!

3. Chenelle Wen, @chenellewen

With a graceful demeanor that perfectly translates onto her #ootd pictures, Chenelle’s Instagram account is hard to miss. Preferring the elegant and classy elements to both her outfits and lifestyle, this trendsetter frequents the hippest cafes, tries out the latest cult products, and provides endless styling inspiration to young ladies everywhere.

Favorite shopping spot? Zara, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

One fashion item you can’t live without? My bag.

Any tips for taking an #ootd picture? Keep the camera at a lower angle to look taller in pictures!

4. Julie Anne, @julieannekang

Classic with a touch of grace is exactly how we would describe our next fashionista. A Fashion Marketing degree holder, Julie keeps her outfit minimal and clean with a smart blend of high street and luxury pieces. With VSCOcam being her go-to photo editing app, we can’t seem to get enough of her ultra-chic #ootd snaps!

Favorite shopping spot? I love the affordable and super on-trend pieces you can find at JJ Market in Bangkok, and of course, the high street labels in London.

One fashion item you can’t live without? I don’t know if this counts as a fashionable item, but I am never without my silver rings.

Any tips for taking an #ootd picture? Great lighting, knowing which is your best angle, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone good in photography to take your pictures!

5. Juliana Lee, @sundaesins

Juliana, who goes by her blog name “Sundaesins”, has a bold and daring style that not many can pull off. Working as a graphic designer, this go-getter loves adding fun overlays on her Instagram pictures, making them unique and ever so eye-catching. You can also check out Juliana’s humourous side on her YouTube videos where she discusses hot lifestyle topics with her viewers.

How would you describe your style? My style is pretty versatile; I wear anything that I think looks good on me. I especially like mixing something girly with a punch of edginess.

One fashion item you can’t live without? Black boots! An awesome pair would go with any look.

Any tips for taking an #ootd picture? I’m not sure about tips, but I find taking it next to natural sunlight always results in a good photo. Also, having a close friend to take your picture is always nice, because not only will you not feel shy, but your friend would know which angle suits you best.

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