5 Fashion Trends That Are Ringing Up This Summer

Summer fashion trends are more than just sundresses and bikinis.

We may be lacking reasons to put on real clothes right now but there’s a lot to look forward to from up and rising fashion trends. Besides finding joy in daydreaming the places we’d like to visit after the lockdown, fashionistas can anticipate the time when we’re able to show off our best outfits again.

As is the case with every year, each season calls for a wardrobe update. But since we don’t have the luxury to don on knee-high boots and trench coats in our country, every day is summer to us. Summer fashions are one where fashionistas around the world look forward to – cute crop tops, flair skirts, sundresses, sandals, etc.

Just because there’s no reason for you to dress up while working from home now, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead and picture what fashion you’ll be rocking in once the lockdown is over. If all you can think of is floral dresses, Birkenstock and a hat, start switching out your wardrobe with these summer trends that are ringing up soon.

1. Open back

Photography Pomelo

Photography Pomelo

Photography Pomelo

Photography Pomelo

The spring/summer 2020 runway saw many exposed back with string elements and it is definitely a trend we’re hopping on, considering the tropical climate we have here. Open backs – be it a simple blouse or a dress – are ultra-feminine pieces that pair effortlessly with various bottoms and accessories. In fact, you can opt for high-shine silk and satin materials to create an opulent style.

2. Puffy sleeves

Photography Pomelo Fashion

We saw its subtle revival last year but now is the time to pave the red carpet and welcome puffy sleeves back in trend. It creates drama and has the potential to dominate your look, perhaps stealing way too much of the spotlight from your overall outfit. That’s why it can be a tricky piece to play with. To play on the safe side, opt for a lengthy silhouette that balances the voluminous shoulder puffs, or add a skinny belt to cinch the waist to create a definition point. Regardless of the size of the swell, puffy sleeves are little attention stealers that can either do or break your overall outfit.

3. Chunky sandals

You may not like these “tourist-inspired” sandals at first but they’re definitely here to stay. Their ‘90s style, chunky design can be pretty difficult to pair with more feminine clothing like dresses and floral tops, but they never discount on comfort. Many designer brands including Chanel and Prada have hopped onto the trend since last year with a few notable styles so it’s safe to say those chunky sandals are the best of both comfort and fashion.

4. Sheer layers

Photography Pomelo

Photography Pomelo

It’s barely there, yet it creates so much texture when paired with other simple fashion pieces. That’s why sheer fabrics are becoming all the rage now. Whether you choose to layer a sheer shirt over a dress or subtly hide your bralette underneath, you’ll be bang on-trend. No matter what kind of fashion pieces they’re made into, they’ll never be short of sophistication and chicness.

5. Soft clutches

Photography Bottega Venetta

Photography Mansur Gavriel

Soft clutches are a minimalist accessory that embodies a remarkable plainness. They have unfussy shapes, simple colours and their compact size makes it such a versatile bag to carry all your essentials. Creative design aside, they’re ultra-soft and super huggable thanks to their malleable finish. Despite its classic design, soft clutches are an epitome of affordable luxury and they pair effortlessly with almost any outfit and match various kinds of vibes.

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