5 Fashion Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet

Did we say steal? We meant ‘borrow’ them to work your own outfits.

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way; having a boyfriend does have its many perks, which includes having a great supporter, fun date nights and a loving and romantic partner, but most importantly, the all-access to his closet!

Even though menswear-inspired womenswear is not frequently on the seasonal runway, we think men’s clothing is always THE go-to solution for most one of those days when you ‘have nothing to wear’ (we’re guilty of that too). So here’s every girlfriend’s guide to pulling off their boyfriend’s fashion pieces:

1. His white button-downAtlantic Pacific blogspot my - resized

Photo: atlantic-pacific.blogspot.my

Chances are every guy must own at least one button-down shirt and at some point, you must have taken it out from the closet and tried it on. And girl, you know you can rock it other than as a morning-after fix! Take his oversized button-down and wear it with a pair of ripped jeans or tuck it in under a midi skirt.

 2. His jeansangelsstyle tumblr - resized

Photo: refinedstylefashion.com

The ‘boyfriend jeans’ has been sold as womenwear for years now, but why spend your money when you can wear his? We’ve seen stylish women pulling off the oversized, baggy jeans, and you can too! You might need a belt for this item (take his brown belt too!) and cuff the jeans at the ankle. You can go smart and sexy with a pair of heels or casual with a pair of runners and a V-neck shirt on top.

3. His sweatshirtclassy-fabulous com - resized

Photo: classy-fabulous.com

For those rainy days when you just want to feel a little cosy, throw his sweatshirt on with a pair of cuffed, ripped jeans. And before you head out, spin it by adding a statement necklace (or his watch) to finish off the look; that’s adding a little girlie-ness to your stolen sweatshirt.

 4. His flannel shirtPinterest - resized

Photo: Pinterest

Ah yes, the lumberjack shirt which every girl looks amazing in, but putting his shirt on is even better! This versatile fashion piece can be worn as it is or over a plain dress, over a shirt like a jacket or tied at your waist. For the bottoms, go with a pair of jean shorts and your fave boots.

 5. His blazercareergirldaily - resized

Photo: careergirldaily.com

There’s something about the boyfriend blazer that makes us look super-sexy yet classy and smart, especially when you wear it over a shirt with a pair of heels. It’s also incredibly versatile with endless possibilities of different looks and perfect for any occasion. Wear it with a pair of jeans, leggings or a cocktail dress, you name it! Don’t forget to roll up the blazer sleeves for a casual touch to the look.


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