5 Fashion Colour Trends That Can Help Boost Your Mood

No matter how enticing black fashion pieces are, adding some energising colours into your outfit can make you feel a lot happier.

Everybody has their ups and downs. There are days when we feel super energetic and happy, but there are also times when we feel defeated. If you often feel unmotivated to do anything whenever you feel down, there’s actually a simple way to lift your mood back up. And no, we’re not talking about self-meditation or journaling. The answer is simply in the clothes you wear.

It may sound ridiculous at first but the colour of the shirt you’re wearing can actually affect your mood significantly. Fashion is inherently linked to how our inner self feels and a tool many of us use to express our deepest emotions to the world. But what we often neglect is the fact that this link works vice versa too. The colours we choose to wear do influence our mindset in a certain way and stress levels.

This means that a simple act of picking up a random shirt to don on is actually a significant move in shaping our thoughts. Adding some confidence-generating and mood-booster colours to your wardrobe is a sure way to ooze positivity. Plus, even if you’re feeling extremely dull, putting on a bright shirt only takes a couple of seconds.

Evoke your inner happiness with these colour trends that are easy on the eyes and fashionable too. 

1. Radiant red

This bright “red carpet” colour is so iconic for a reason – it’s associated with glitz and glamour. On one hand, red is such an intense colour seen to evoke negative energy like anger. But on the other hand, its bold and striking intensity can be interpreted as passion and desire. Go full red from head to toes to make a strong statement or do it in subtle ways by making it stand out with accessories.

2. Saffron

Yellow is the most noticeable colours by the human eyes since it’s the brightest colour in the visible spectrum. It is naturally a colour that evokes happiness and optimism. Just like a bed of sunflowers, yellow has the potential to channel high energy, cheerfulness and emotional strength during the darkest of days. However, striking yellow such as the attention-grabbing neon yellow can come off as overly bold. That’s why a warmer hue of saffron is a perfect choice. While it brings warmth and brightness into your life, it doesn’t cause visual fatigue.

3. Rose pink

Just like Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) in the film Legally Blonde, our outfit could do with a dash of youth. For that, nothing hits the right note better than a rose pink outfit that represents compassion and unconditional love. Wearing rose pink can be a nice reminder to love and be kind to yourself. Besides that, pink is also a sign of hope. While pink is often associated with femininity, you can add a touch of masculine energy to your outfit by pairing it with grey. 

4. Ivory

Wearing white outfits can be really unpleasant because it shows dirt obviously and can be very see-through. So instead of going pure white, the neutral calming colour of ivory makes a great choice to boost your mood too. It has similar pureness and softness as white but with a warmer tone that’s soothing for the eyes and mind. Furthermore, ivory sets a relaxed tone of subtle elegance and matches well with various colours so you know you’ll always look great no matter what pairing you go for.

5. Pale blue

Have you ever noticed how peaceful and serene it is to lay on a patch of grass and admire the clear sky? The pale blue colour of the sky is one of the calmest colours in the spectrum which inspires creativity and selfless love. Compared to bold blue which can be too striking and appear as icy and distant, pale blue delivers a sense of tranquility to one’s life. Best of all, this colour pairs beautifully with various shades like navy blue, white, black and pink. 

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