5 Fashion Choices Petite Women Should Avoid

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If there’s one thing all petite women can relate to, is that we’ve all wished to be taller at least once in our lifetime. “Cute”, “sweet”, “adorable” — these are some of the words many people love to use to describe a petite woman. However, as delightful these compliments are, matching an outfit for a short figure is quite a challenge, especially since you have to be more selective with what you wear.

Being 5’1″ myself, I notice that every clothing I choose play a critical role in creating an illusion of looking taller. Here are some unflattering fashion choices I steer away to prevent myself from looking even shorter than I am!

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1. Horizontal stripes

Any horizontal details on clothing make the eyes go side to side, effectively making us look wider instead of more elongated. Opt for vertical stripes or fabrics that are less obvious such as pinstripes to create the illusion of height much better. If you really have to, choose a skinny-fit dress and avoid baggy, boxy or boyfriend style that’ll only add even more width to your body.

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