5 Fashion Brands That Make Dresses With Pockets

Just because we often carry a handbag when we’re out and about, it doesn’t mean we don’t want fashion pieces with pockets!

For the longest time ever, most women’s clothing has lacked the inclusion of functional pockets. There have been endless times when we would cheer over the sight of a pocket on a dress, only to realise they’re fake. Even if they really do have pockets, most are designed with a shallow depth that could barely fit a few banknotes in it.

The search for women’s clothes with pockets is truly a tough struggle. Until today, we still can’t pick up a dress or pair of trousers we love and expect them to have pockets. But fret not! Our prayers are slowly being heard as some fashion brands are offering dresses with pockets. Best of all, those pockets are fully functional and guarantee to fit more than just coins and folded banknotes!

Behold, these online stores will allow you to shop for dresses with pockets in peace.

1. Pockets On My Dress 

Pockets On My Dresses was founded by Shelly as a first-time female ‘solo-preneur’, following her desire to shop at a store that stocks fashion pieces with pockets. She believes that access to pockets should be a human right instead of a gender-specific luxury. With that in mind, this brand was born with an aim to be a one-stop-shop that sells effortless, casual, stylish and feminine fashion – all with functional pockets. Besides sublime sundresses and chic skirts, the brand also offers stretchy yoga pants and infinity-style scarves with pockets!

2. Poche Posh

Just like Pocket On My Dresses, Poche Posh is the brainchild of two women, Jessica and Visha, who became really frustrated at the lack of pockets in their own clothes. This feminist clothing brand creates clothes for modern women and are constantly upgrading their fashion pieces to match the current trends. From colourful dresses to sophisticated rompers, there are a plethora of choices to keep your fashion choices on-trend. Plus-size women can also shop in peace with their curvy collection of dresses, leggings, skirts and bottoms – all with functional pockets!

3. Passion Lilie 

This fashion brand works with producer groups in India and small family-run businesses to create fair trade dresses that are both sustainable and fashionable. The founder, Katie Schmidt, launched Passion Lilie in 2013 after visiting female artisans living in a village on the outskirts of Bhopal, India who do hand embroidery work for a local workshop. All the clothing designs are created by Katie in New Orleans and feature colourful patterns and prints inspired by nature. The production is then passed on to those talented women in India who use ancient artisanal dyeing and weaving traditions to make.

4. ModCloth 

Championing values of female empowerment and inclusivity, ModCloth reimagines timeless aesthetics for modern-era women. Their talented in-house designers are the masterminds behind their sophisticated hand-drawn prints and creative fashion pieces. They have a dedicated “pocket dresses” category that features a variety of styles such as a-line dresses, shift dresses, midi styles and shirt dresses. Apart from their elegant styles, those dresses are perfect for casual, everyday wear. 

5. Unique Vintage 

Started in 2000, Unique Vintage is a fashion brand created by a woman for women and celebrates the iconic fashion of the past with modern designs. The brand offers a variety of vintage clothing from retro-inspired labels. Additionally, they’ve also had exclusive collaborations with Barbie, Pantone, Coca-Cola, Universal Monster and more in the past. Their “dresses with pockets” category is a colourful collection of rainbow colours, soft pastels and cheerful shades. Not only that, many of their dresses resemble the prairie style with a touch of modern creativity that really exudes femininity. No matter which dress you choose to don on, you’re not only rocking a dress with authentic vintage details but also have a place to stash your essentials!

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