5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits You Can Rock On Your Next Beach Vacation

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Thinking of a beach holiday to escape the unexpected downpours we’re getting these few days?

Boasting cheap escapes and nature’s beauty, the east coast of Malaysia is home to some of the best beaches South East Asia has to offer. And with the area now experiencing the dry season, it’s undoubtedly one of the best periods to be heading off to the east side for a rain-free beach getaway.

Whenever we pack for vacation, we always face a common dilemma: do we want to dress up or keep it simple? Thankfully, we can always turn to social media for some outfit ideas and there’s nothing better than celebrities to give us a quick dose of inspiration before our trip.

Here are five outfit inspirations from celebrities you can rock on your next beach vacation. The best part? They don’t cost a bomb!

1. White button-up

Nothing screams casual yet stylish better than a simple white t-shirt under a button-up. If you’re frequently shuttling between indoors and outdoors, or even just basking under the sun, a light layer does come in handy in terms of practicality and fashion. Lose the big accessories and keep things as simple as possible for a fresh look. On a side note, we thought the actress was vacationing in Langkawi Island before realising it was Laka Como, Italy!

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