4 Virtual Instagram Models You Won’t Believe Aren’t Real

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Technology marches ever steadily on, and it’s changing how we see ourselves.

Whether its filters that blur the line between digital and actual reality or makeup advances that now mimic the previously unattainable flawless finish of digital airbrushing, one of the meanest insults you can throw at someone (and you really shouldn’t) is to call them fake. But in the case of these models, that wouldn’t be an insult at all. In fact, it wouldn’t even be a lie.

They may look like your typical stylish, unattainably beautiful Instagram influencers, but there’s something that sets them apart: they’re 100% digital creations. That’s right, these models don’t technically exist! They are computer-generated visuals, brought to life by some very clearly talented individuals. And with leading brands and publications hiring them, they’re pretty much legit as well!

Sit down and swipe to see the top virtual models of our times– you’re going to want to.

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