3 Times J.Lo Showed Us She Means Business In 2020

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We’re only two months into 2020 and Hollywood surely has its way to tease us with loads of exciting news. From unveiling the most famous artists in 2019 at the awards to production companies dropping hints of anticipating movie releases, we’re already overwhelmed with all the exciting news that’s flooding in.

Just when we thought Hollywood couldn’t get any more exciting, we were blessed with a historical performance from Jennifer Lopez during the Super Bowl halftime show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami last week. The legendary celebrity headlined the show alongside Shakira on February 2 and sent the crowd frenzy with her remarkable comeback performance. And if there’s any other message she’s trying to send to all of us, is that her power is still unbeatable and growing stronger day by day.

Here are three times J.Lo showed us she’s kicking in the new decade with a strong start.

1. Her stunning and energetic performance at the Super Bowl


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From exhaustingly difficult dance moves to pole dancing, who would’ve guessed that J.Lo is 50 years old? The Latina superstar kicked off her performance in a Versace layered satin skirt which she removed to reveal the black leather bodysuit underneath that got the crowd buzzing at how stunning she looks for her age. Just when we thought her intricate outfit couldn’t get any more impressive, she removed another layer of clothing during a quick change to reveal a bare bodysuit made from sheer fabric and shiny jewels that perfectly accentuated her silhouette.

Not only did J.Lo pull off all the energetic dance moves and pole dance movements like they’re a breeze workout, she also shared the stage with her 11-year-old, Emme, and Shakira to sing Let’s Get Loud and Waka Waka in what’s said to be a jaw-dropping performance from the two talented artists.

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