Meet The Malaysian Designers Dazzling The Runways of New York Modest Couture Fashion Week 2017!

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Eja Shahril, Erma Fatima and Sara Jamaluddin are the three Malaysian designers who recently went to New York Modest Couture Fashion Week 2017 to showcase their unique and beautiful designs. Peniagawati organised their trip for them to present their haute couture collections as part of Malaysian women’s business and fashion mission. Introducing concepts of Muslimah fashion, Songkets and the mixture of traditional contemporary to a captivated international audience.

1. Eja and Shahril

The husband and wife pair are Penang-based fashion designers who capture the charming essence of Islamic tradition while adding a touch of Malaysian glam to it! Elegant hijab styles, modest silhouettes, and a stunning array of purple, pinks and whites. The collection, “Tun Teja” was inspired by the legendary famous Malaysian actress, Tun Teja. They aspire to bring awareness to the concept of Muslim Fashion internationally with all its dignity and majesty, while also introducing elements of Malaysian legend. We think it’s modest and still super stylish! 

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