25 Things You Might Not Have Known About Chiara Ferragni

“Love is amazing and powerful. Life revolves around love. There is no reason to not love the people around you and your life 100%, even if nothing is always perfect.” – Chiara Ferragni

With her motto to love fiercely and enjoy every moment and experience everything as it comes, 30-year-old social media superstar Chiara Ferragni continues to inspire her 11.6 million followers on Instagram daily (and more from her blog!) – and they can’t seem to get enough of her beauty and effortless street style looks, her fabulous jet-setting lifestyle and stunning homes in LA and Milan, as well as her relationship with her supportive family and fiancé, Italian rapper Fedez.

If you haven’t been following her closely or noticed already (yes, cos she’s got one of the smallest baby bumps), Chiara is now expecting her first child with Fedez (or Fede, as she fondly calls him), a baby boy she’ll name Leo.

A couple of days ago, Chiara decided to do an impromptu Q&A session on her Instagram Stories before having some (cooked) sushi, so she got her followers to DM her some of their questions – and we managed to get lots of insight into her enviable life. Here’s what we found out from her Q&A:

1) What’s the correct way of way of pronouncing your name?

Chiara: “It’s Chi-a-ra (like how you’d pronounce Mont ‘Kiara’).”

2) Who’s Luce?

C: “‘Luce’ means ‘light’ in Italian and it was one of my nicknames. I have it tattooed on my right ribs. In total, I have 24 small tattoos on my body but mainly hands and arms. The lions are my biggest tattoo.”

3) How did you find out you were pregnant?

C: “Fede and I started thinking about having a baby in June and we started trying right away. At the beginning of August, [my period] was a few days late, so Fede and I did the test together. He saw the result before I did and we both started laughing, screaming and crying for happiness! We didn’t expect it to happen so soon [especially] since I’ve had problems with my period the previous year.”

4) Are you and Fede scared about being parents?

C: “We’re excited and obviously also a bit scared, but we’re lucky that we’re gonna get help from our mums, friends and a nanny. I think being parents will be the biggest challenge for us but also the one which gives the biggest rewards.”

5) Have you decided if Leo’s gonna be born in Italy or the USA since you travel there a lot?

C: “If everything goes as planned (you never know on a pregnancy, so fingers crossed!), Leo should be born in Los Angeles, so he immediately has dual citizenship since we live between Milan and LA.”

6) Why did you decide to go and live in Los Angeles?

C: “I wanted to move away from Italy for a while to challenge myself and as a kid I used to go to California a lot and dreamt of being a Cali kid. So I guess my childhood dreams are fulfilled now.”

7) How will you divide time between the cities?

C: “Fede and I should be in LA full time starting 1st February to April (Leo will arrive in the first week) and part of May. We’ll be back in Milan after Leo is born. We also have to change house in May here in Milan, then we’ll see. There will be a lot of new, exciting changes, but we’ll try to spend enough time in both cities.”

8) Will your family be with you for the birth of your baby?

C: “My mum and sisters are gonna be in LA for a month, as will Fede’s parents. Also, my dad and my best friends are all coming to visit me and see Leoncino.”

9) Why did you choose the name ‘Leone’?

C: “At the end of August 2016, after a few months of being single and ‘dating’ guys who were not right for me, I tattooed two lions on the back of my right arm; a male lion and a female lion, which meant true love to me. The next day, Fede wrote to me to go to dinner and a week later we had our first date. I found my true love and Leo is the celebration of this love.”

10) Are you going to make Leo an Instagram baby?

C: “We’re gonna publish his photos because he’s gonna be the centre of our world and I believe in sharing what makes you happy. I don’t think we’ll create an account for him, but never say never!”

11) What do you miss the most since being pregnant?

C: “I miss my everyday clothes and skinny jeans. And sushi and being able to drink wine whenever I want… But it’s so worth giving up these things!”

12) When are you planning to get married and will it be opened to the public?

C: “Fede and I are getting married next Summer. We can’t reveal the dates yet but it’s gonna be epic! The wedding obviously cannot be open to the public, but I’ll share a lot of it – I promise you’ll be able to live it with us.”

13) What’s your favourite food?

C: “Pizza and pasta, I’m very Italian like that. Now that I’m pregnant, I crave food 24/7, but I’d also always eat French fries.”

14) What makes you happy?

C: “Most of all, love. To love and to be loved. By my family, by my fiancé, by my friends and by you guys. You are part of my strength. Another thing that makes me super happy is trying to become the woman I’ve always dreamt I could be, and being proud of who I am and the life I’m creating for myself.”

15) How do you stay positive always?

C: “We all have crazy lives. I consider myself super, super lucky but I’ve had problems and ups and downs too. I still do, even if I love my life. You just have to accept that you’ll never be fully happy all the time. Learn to enjoy the sad moments too, because they’ll show you how incredible the good ones are.”

16) Are you afraid of anything?

C: “I’m afraid of not doing the best I can, to not leave a mark in this world. So I try to give a 100 per cent of myself in everything I do.”

17) Which is the most satisfying brand collaboration/campaign you’ve done?

C: “I think my biggest campaigns are coming these next few weeks (one is @intimissimiofficial which will be revealed in February and my new @pomellato campaign which is out this week). I feel so lucky to be working with most of my favourite brands and being the face of some of them.”

18) What made you decide to create your own collection and put in the blue eye?

C: “I created @chiaraferragnicollection in 2013 and it’s growing like crazy. I designed this blue eye for the first collection because eyes are the feature that I love the most in a person and it became iconic, it’s the logo of the brand now.”

19) If you hadn’t become a fashion blogger, what job would you be doing now?

C: “I studied to become an international lawyer, so maybe I would be doing that? I have no idea, cos life always surprises me!”

20) What came to mind when Fedez talked about you in his song Vorrei ma non posto? Did you know him then?

C: “I had only met him once at a lunch with mutual friends but we were both in relationships and didn’t even exchange numbers. A few months later, he put me in that song and we started talking and joking, and decided to go for dinner together. Life is crazy, guys! Things happen when you least expect them.”

21) Do you often quarrel with Fede? Why?

C: “We used to fight all the time, mainly about jealousy. Now we’re better at it but we still get into big fights once in a while, as we are both very strongly opinionated.”

22) What would you do for love?

C: “I’d do anything for love, except love myself less. Always remember you’re special and you always have to make yourself proud before pleasing others.”

23) What would you recommend or say to women who seek inspiration from you?

C: “Believe in yourself and visualise your goals. Divide them into monthly goals, yearly goals and life goals, and write them in notes. This helps me so much.”

24) Would it be possible to meet you?

C: “I love my followers and I’m trying to be as close to them as possible, and show them how much I truly care, because I do. I love meeting my followers and I get stopped by them everywhere I am in the world, which is awesome. I also try to organise some events where I can also invite you guys… so always keep an eye on my profile for that!”

25) How do you look so good in every single photo you post?

C: “It’s all about good angles and good lighting, I swear!”

*Images: @Chiaraferragni 

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