15 Minutes With South Korean Heartthrob Kim Woo Bin

The face of Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry talks about the brand, his view on time, and Brad Pitt.

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Photo: Pinterest

The tall, gentle and handsome Kim Woo Bin exudes a sexy-cool aura, and that makes him undeniably the perfect ambassador for the brand, the second year in a row. We managed to score an interview (and get smitten by) with the 27-year old star at the Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry 2016 collection press preview in Tokyo, Japan.

Describe Calvin Klein Jewellery and Watches in 3 words.

Kim Woo Bin (WB): Great, sexy, simple.

What appeals most to you about the brand?

WB: Calvin Klein is well-known all over the world. From my experience working with them, I can identify with the concept of this year’s collection – time. I’m always living in the present and not in the past, so this year’s concept is one that is close to my heart.

Which is your favourite watch in the collection?

WB: For last year’s collection, I loved ‘Infinite’, which comes with both steel and leather straps. I really liked the version with the leather band. As for this year’s collection, I like the ‘Step’ collection. It has a really good balance of colour and combination of materials.

Calvin Klein step_Original_13817

‘Step’ watch, RM1,130 each

Since we’re talking about time, if you had a time machine, what would you do?

WB: I would throw it away. I’m always focusing on the present, and the present is the most important time and moment. If I can go back to the past, I can redo mistakes and change the result. But if I do so, I won’t be who I am today. As for the future, of course it would be great if I could predict what happened after the release of my movies, but if I knew what will happen to me beforehand, I won’t be working as hard now.

Where’s the most inspiring travel destination that you visited last year, and why?

WB: I’d say China. I’ve been travelling to so many different cities there, and I really love the Chinese culture. Besides, I also got the chance to see my fans at a meeting event, which was one of the most wonderful moments in my life.

What would you recommend to a friend who wants to give a gift to his girlfriend?

WB:  I’d recommend ‘Step’. Not only because it’s my personal favourite, but I heard that it’s very popular among the ladies as well. So, it’s definitely the perfect gift.

What are your top three wardrobe essentials and why?

WB: First, it’s the Calvin Klein underwear, it’s my basic essential. I’m wearing them right now! Second would be my Calvin Klein knit sweater, which I wore on my way to Japan. And the third item is a watch.


Stretch-cotton boxer brief, RM119 each

Besides acting and modelling, are you open to designing in the future?

WB: My main job is acting. I’d like to focus on that. However, if there’s an opportunity to design and collaborate with Calvin Klein, I promise you it’s going to be gorgeous and sensational!

Which Hollywood star would you love to work with?

WB:  Brad Pitt, for sure. I admire the fact that he’s really good at acting and also has a lot of other talents. In Korea, we call people like Brad, ‘bang hyung’. ‘Bang’ means ‘great’ or ‘sensational’, and ‘hyung’ means ‘brother’. I told my friends that if I ever get a chance to work with ‘bang hyung’ I would say yes in a heartbeat.


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