Yup, I Screamed!

I popped my haunted-house-cherry at the World War Z: Scream Park @ Sunway Lagoon, and let’s just say, I had cold sweat running down my back.

Okay, technically, it’s more of a ‘zombie house’ than a ‘haunted house’ but that doesn’t mean it didn’t give off the same horrific vibes. Based on the newly released World War Z, the sixth and latest phase expansion at Lynton V Harris’ Scream Park is also the first and only LIVE attraction in the world to be inspired by the film. I haven’t watched Brad Pitt in action yet, so I can’t say which parts of it resemble the movie but it really doesn’t matter. It’s not like the Harry Potter film franchise where you need to watch movie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 before watching movie 7.5.


Noooo! Don’t eat him!

Anyways, Wan Lee, my ‘partner-in-crime’ for the LIVE experience (also our Web Editor) and I were terrified. We entered with four other media guests and a representative of the event, and as we walked past the doors, I told Wan Lee, “I’m sorry Wan Lee but I’m going to hold your arm,” and it was a mutual thing. It was dark, narrow and maybe there was a soundtrack playing in the background; I can’t remember.


Ready for your close-up, Mr. Zombie?

At first, it was a bearable kind of scary. I would be shocked and just hold Wan Lee’s arm tighter. Then mid-way the scary level picked up, and then hit a climax all the way to the end. And by that I mean we screamed every. single. time. a zombie popped up. It didn’t help that towards the last leg of the walk-through, most of the zombies were popping out (TIBE-TIBE) at my side of the walkway. And when I scream, so did Wan Lee. I think the guy in front of us and the one behind were probably thinking, “Oh, these girls. This isn’t scary.” I say that because the one in front of us was laughing while the one behind looked indifferent although he probably looked like that because we kept trying to walk in front of him. You really don’t want to be the last one in the group. Don’t the ones who walk behind usually die in a horror movie?

wan lee scream park

1, 2, 3, smile, Wan Lee!

When we were finally ‘freed’, I could feel cold sweat on my whole back, and it felt like we were trapped in that attraction for an eternity. Then we had to take a commemorative photo where they asked us to look scary…or scared. I think we couldn’t comprehend language anymore. I personally don’t like how I look in this photo.


A friend asked me why I was doing a Dragonball pose. I wasn’t!

Just a personal opinion, but if anyone is in need of an idea for a bonding/team-building session, they should try this. It certainly felt like we were sent to this event for one since we were holding on to each other the whole time. Until next time, peeps!