Yuna’s Latest Music Video Starring A Hijabi Superhero Is An Animated Homage To Girl Power

The music video for Pink Youth has just dropped and you’re going to want to watch it!

Like the track, a combined performance by Yuna and English rapper Little Simz, the music video is also a collaboration between Yuna and her husband Adam Sinclair, who co-wrote the story. The art team behind is Echo Bridge, an animation studio famous for its 2D hand-drawn style and Carl Jones, an artist and producer behind some critically acclaimed cartoons on Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.

The music video’s superhero inspiration is evident: the heroine’s distinctly Batman-esque silhouette billows out against the night sky as she battles against villains that look like something out of straight out Halo! It’s a stylish homage to girl power, as the heroine and her partner pull off a heist in a cyperpunk city, resulting in a glorious celebration that may have you pumping your first or wiping away tears. And well… we won’t spoil it.

“When I was writing Pink Youth, I wanted to celebrate being a girl. When I was younger, I remember a lot of people didn’t believe in me just because I was a girl trying to do something amazing. This song is for all the girls out there who never got the encouragement and support they deserve,” Yuna explains.

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Pink Youth is a track off Yuna’s upcoming album, Rouge – which will be releasing on 12 July 2019. Watch the music video below!