The World’s Fifth Largest Indoor Theme Park, MCM Studio, Is Set To Open In Johor Bahru

Your weekends and holidays are about to get more exciting with MCM Studio brought to you by Capital City, Capital World Limited. This will be the world’s 5th largest and Southeast Asia’s biggest indoor theme park to date and is located on our shores in Johor Bahru! The fun land is set to open its doors to the public sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

MCM Studio will certainly bring theme park enthusiasts flocking to see what it has to offer.

“We look forward to welcoming both local and international visitors upon the official opening of MCM Studio and we are confident that it will an exhilarating and magical experience for everyone!” said Y.B. Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, Johor State Tourism, Domestic Trade and Consumerism Committee Chairman who officiated the announcement at the launch last weekend.

The theme park received its ranking in the indoor theme park world as it expands at a whopping 500,000 square feet. It will house more than 20 different themed attractions. The attractions will be divided into three of their signature sections namely Movie Planet, Cartoon Planet and Music Planet.

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And here are six things you can expect from this world-class attraction.

1. The Movie Planet concept will bring your favourite movie scenes to life. Imagine walking through a spooky haunted house, experience travelling around the world or witness a wild wild west shooting dual all based on blockbuster hits!

2. Something for the little ones and the young at heart! Cartoon Planet will feature classic cartoon characters in a playland where the characters come to life through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It’s also a place where edutainment takes place through the activities and games suitable for kids.

3. Witness world-class performance at Music Planet. A section that combines circus, theatrical and music performances, live on stage! This is the brainchild of The Great British Circus headed by Kiril Kolarov, spokesperson for MCM Studio. This will be the first in the country.

4. Visitors can expect a lot of engaging attractions as the place will heavily feature state of the art technology like Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, besides hair-raising rides.

5. Looking for a place stay for the weekend will be easy as the indoor theme park is joint with two hotels above it, Hilton Garden Inn and Planet Hotels, a themed concept hotel. There’s a serviced apartment attached as well.

6. Together under one vicinity is Capital 21 shopping mall which is located below the indoor theme park. MCM Studio is the shopping mall’s anchor tenant taking up three floors in the mall. It’s a one-stop tourists attraction with experiential activities for visitors!


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