Woman Does ‘Cinderella Surgery’ to Fit into High Heels

This is not your typical fairy tale.


While the Cinderella frenzy is still ongoing, this lady from New York took the craze to a whole new level. Denise Maione-Schwind is a flight attendant who recently undergone an operation to alter the shape and size of her foot in order to fit into her favorite killer heels comfortably.

Because of the bunion on her left foot, Denise was always left in agony even by wearing high heels for a brief period of time. For the love of designer shoes and dancing, she decided to look into bunionplasty – also known as “Cinderella Surgery” – in hopes of getting rid of the bunion so that she can walk comfortably in heels again.


“Unless I tell them, no one can tell I had the surgery,” says Denise after removing the bony bump that once took over her social life which is now nothing more than a secret scar. The 35-year-old also revealed that despite the complexity of the operation, she was able to get back on her feet within a week.


The shoe addict has no regrets investing in the revolutionary surgery and is now happily reunited with her favorite footwear.

Source and Pictures: dailymail.co.uk; express.co.uk 

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