Which High-Heeled Warrior Are You?

Are you all about your career or does family matter the most to you? Do you have a gazillion friends on Facebook or does simple things in life satisfy you?

There are women who absolutely love chick flicks; then there are women who prefer sneakers to heels. And there are women who would choose Johnny Depp over Brad Pitt! NBCUniversal’s latest and updated psychographic research,High Heeled Warriors, on the other hand, focuses specifically on urban women across South East Asia.

High Heeled Warriors logo

Based on the response of over 3,000 female participants aged between 20 and 44 from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong, the data collected from their motivations, aspirations, attitudes and usage of consumer products revealed five distinct groups of women: the career-oriented Trailblazers, spontaneousPassionistas, socialable Social-Siders, simple Peace-Keepers and the family-oriented Heart-Warmers.

So, which of these five High Heeled Warriors is you? Check the infographic below to find out, along with some pretty interesting stats!


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