We’re Never Getting Over Our Favourite Celebrity #10YearChallenge Photos

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The #10YearChallenge seems to have cropped up overnight. Suddenly our social media feeds are flooded with people comparing what they looked like 10 years ago versus now. Also known as #2009vs2019, the challenge literally just involves posting side-by-side comparison photos of yourself, showing how much (or how little!) things can change in a decade, all in the spirit of the new year.

Of course, celebrities aren’t immune to the allure of a challenge either, and we’ve had so much fun watching their glow ups and takes on the #10YearChallenge. After all, it’s basically #ThrowbackThursday, amplified by ten years! With that said, here are our favourite celebrity entries!

1. Liv Lo

We have to give it to our amazing January cover girl Liv Lo for her inspiring comparison post, which shows that getting older isn’t just about the way you look, but how your mentality can mature and change as well.

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