See Yuna’s Gorgeous Wedding Photos For The First Time

When singer-songwriter Yuna announced her engagement to Adam Sinclair in 2017, we were delighted!

The couple later tied the knot in 2018, and though we didn’t hear much about the ceremony, we’re sure that (like everything Yuna does) it was gorgeous. Well, we don’t have to wonder anymore, because Harper’s Bazaar Australia has paired up with wedding inspo platform Riley & Grey to bring you never-seen-before photos from Yuna and Adam’s wedding!

The wedding, which Yuna describes as “traditional Malay with a Western flair” to reflect their heritage, took place at the Puncak Rimba resort in Bentong. Nestled in the rainforest, the mist-covered mountains provided a perfectly magical backdrop to the ceremony that was planned to perfection by The Calla and YSA Events.

Besides showcasing the photos beautifully shot by KL-based wedding photographer Qay, the article also illuminates a number of delightful facts about the wedding that we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

For example, did you know that Yuna’s two wedding dresses were made from fabric sourced by Yuna herself and later designed by a number of local artists like Jep x Jay and Hatta Dolmat? As for Yuna’s glowing wedding makeup, it’s none other than makeup artist Noriana to thank for that!

And while the couple kept the wedding ceremony relatively small with 250 guests, the following day saw them throw a vibrant reception with 1,500 attendees. And after that? A honeymoon in Mexico!

Be sure to see the rest of the photos and read the full story of Yuna and Adam’s relationship and wedding over at Harper’s Bazaar!