6 #QEHIPTIPS From Queer Eye Season 2 We Never Knew We Needed Until Now

The Fab Five (from left): Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Antoni Parowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France.

Netflix’s Queer Eye season two has gotten a lot of great reviews and attention thanks to great success of the first season and the new fabulous Fab Five Antoni Parowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown – culture/social expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert.

If you haven’t seen the series, Queer Eye is a series rebooted by Netflix after the end of its original show Queer Eye for the Straight Guys. The life makeover show will see men from different culture and background from Georgia, USA getting their life straightened out at the end of the week radiating with a big grin and full of determination for a brighter future ahead by changing their overall lifestyle. This show will give serious tears every episode and a lot of helpful tips with a splash of sass (mostly from Jonathan).

At the end of some of the episodes, viewers will be given QE Hip Tips of the day that can benefit your lifestyle from fashion to interior. Although some of these tips are geared more towards men, us ladies can totally take notes on them too for ourselves and for the men in our lives.

Below we’ve compiled all the QE Hip Tips from season two.

1. French Tuck

A simple way to give your outfit a little update is by doing the French tuck. It’s essentially tucking the front part of your top in your trousers and letting the back hang. Don’t tuck in too tight, gently pull out the fabric until it covers the band of the pants. Tan France reveals that “It’s going to balance your proportions and help you look taller and leaner.”

2. Slim Is In

They’re not talking about your body shape but rather the cutting of your jeans. According to Tan, “A slim fit jean is for everybody. It’s tapered at the legs so it’s going to make you look longer and leaner no matter what is going around your tummy area.” according to Tan.

3. Nonbinary Guys

Nowadays some fashion brand blurs the line between what the norm would see as men’s or women’s wear. So if you feel like you can’t find anything in your department, check out what the other side has installed for you, just like how Jonathan does it. You never know what you can find. This goes for both the men and women.

4. Tweet Not Tokes

Karamo suggests that if you’re planning on quitting smoking, why not tweet? “It worked for my dad”, he says. He also added that tweeting is a much better vice than smoking.

5. Off The Wall

One of the easy ways to spruce your apartment even if you’re renting is by getting your hands on some cute adhesive wallpaper. “You can put it on yourself and when you leave you can also take it down yourself, so you don’t lose your deposit,” says Bobby Berk.

6. Closing With Coffee

Having guests over for a great hang out over a great meal is always a jolly time. But when it’s getting late, how do you ask them to leave without being rude? Antoni Parowski says “When entertaining, it’s all about clever innuendo and planning. At the end of my dinner parties, I like to serve a proper coffee and tea servings. It tells my guest ‘I’m sophisticated and thoughtful.’ but it also says ‘Perhaps it’s time to go.’,”

Find more helpful tips by catching Queer Eye season one and two only on Netflix.

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